Accessing ManeFrame

To log into ManeFrame, you must SSH into one of the login nodes:

  • ( to be added soon)
  • ( to be added soon)

Your ManeFrame username and password will be associated with your account, and will be given to you upon account creation.

SSH client programs

There are many SSH client programs that can be used to access any Linux server (including ManeFrame), but these programs depend on your operating system.

Linux/OS X

Both Linux and OS X are variants of the UNIX operating system, and natively support SSH access from the command line. First, open a terminal to access the command line. In OS X this is located in /Applications/Utilities/ (I recommend making a shortcut to this in your dock). Depending on your Linux variant, this can be in a variety of locations; if you cannot find it I recommend you search the web.

In your terminal, you can SSH into ManeFrame with the command

ssh -CX


ssh -CY


Replace yourusername with the username for your account on ManeFrame. The flag C enables compression of data across the network (helpful when running graphical programs). The flags X and Y both enable forwarding of graphics from ManeFrame to your computer.

Depending on your version of OS X, you may need an auxiliary program to render the graphics that are sent from ManeFrame to your computer. If you have difficulty viewing graphics (try running gedit just after logging into ManeFrame), then visit the App Store and install one of the free programs “X11” or “XQuartz”.


Windows does not natively support SSH, but there exist free programs that you can install. To set up a full-featured SSH client on your computer:

  1. Putty is the most popular (and free) SSH client available. Download and install the newest version.
  2. In order to view graphics from ManeFrame, you will also need to install an X-server. The most popular (again free) X server in Windows is Xming. To install Xming, download and install the newest versions of both the Xming X server and the Xming Fonts.

Once these two programs are installed, you can now log into ManeFrame using the two-step process:

  1. Start the X server application from your start up programs. This will launch the X server and the following icon will appear in your system tray:

  2. Launch putty.exe. And follow the screens below to login to ManeFrame:

    In the “Host Name” field you enter the Linux server you wish to log into: or


    Expand the Category “SSH” on the left and select “X11”. Check the box next to “Enable X11 Forwarding”.

    In the left panel, click on “Session” at the top.

    If desired, save these settings (middle right) so that you do not need to repeat these steps in the future.

    Click Open (bottom).


    Enter your username and password in the prompts and you will see a similar screen setting up your environment.


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