2015 SMU HPC Winter WorkshopΒΆ

Welcome to the main site for the tutorials and hands-on exercises associated with the 2015 SMU HPC Winter workshop, sponsored by the SMU Center for Scientific Computation. While this workshop will focus on high-performance computing as in previous workshops, these topics will be tuned to computing on the new SMU cluster, ManeFrame.

Location: Fondren Library, room 103c

Dates: January 12-15, 2015


  • Morning sessions: 9-12
  • Afternoon sessions: 1-4


  • Dan Reynolds (reynolds at smu dot edu)


  • Amit Kumar (ahkumar at smu dot edu)



The Thursday afternoon session is for open interaction with the workshop organizers. For attendees who have their own research codes, you are encouraged to use those on ManeFrame; for attendees without current research projects you may instead follow the Postprocessing tutorial.

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