Homework Assignments

Each homework assignment should be completed by 5:00 pm on the specified due date. To turn in each homework:

  • Turn in all written problems either on paper or in a PDF file along with your code for the specific homework assignment.
  • For assignments with multiple language choices, choose only one to do your work (though this can change from homework to homework).
  • Software for each homework should be in a folder named “HWn” where “n” corresponds to the appropriate homework number, e.g. “HW2”. The “HWn” folder should be in the top level of your Git repository, e.g. “math6370/HW1”.
  • Remove all executables, temporary object files, and backup source files from each homework’s folder before adding or committing to the repository.
  • Pull and update/merge all changesets from your main Bitbucket repository into your local Git repository.
  • Add and check in your source code and any requested output/text files to your Git repository.
  • push your changesets up to your Bitbucket repository.