As discussed on the syllabus, each student will work on a large programming project throughout the course of the semester. The project descriptions are below. Students must choose their project early in the semester. Project presentations will be held during the final exam period, in our normal classroom.

All projects will be written in either Matlab or C++, and should be performed within your own personal Git repository on Bitbucket. Your repository must have the name “Math6321-name”, where your last name is provided (e.g. “Math6321-Reynolds”). Your repository must be private, and you must grant “drreynolds” read/write access. Instructions on setting up this repository, and a basic Git tutorial are provided on our Git tutorial page.

Due to your potential unfamiliarity with C++ prior to this class, expectations on the computations in your project will be adjusted to depend appropriately on your choice of computing language.

Project 1: Numerical Methods for Multirate ODE Systems [Duc, Lu, Sihao, Jessica, Olivia]

Project 2: Implicit-Explicit (ImEx) Splitting Methods for ODE Systems [Austin, Ting, Brian, Nicole, Norah]

Project 3: Strong-Stability-Preserving (SSP) Methods for Hyperbolic ODEs (recommended for students who have taken Math 6318) [Jacob, Tunde, Jiahui]