Homework problems are due in my office by 5:00 pm on the date indicated. Assignments may be turned in during class or brought to my office.

Any homework turned in late must be scanned to a single PDF file and emailed directly to me. Late homework will lose points based on the following schedule:

  • 1 minute to 24 hours – 20%
  • 24 hours to 48 hours – 50%
  • over 48 hours – no credit

Homework assignments will typically include two types of problems:

Analytical problems:

  • Show your work. If you used a calculator or computer to help solve a problem, state what you used.
  • Write your answers legibly (or type them out). You will not receive credit for illegible answers.
  • Unless stated otherwise, you are not required to simplify your answer; any correct result can receive full credit.
  • You may discuss general ideas for the homework with other students, however, details regarding specific problem answers must not be discussed with anyone except the instructor.

Matlab problems:

  • Turn in a Matlab “diary” showing all of your work. If you made errors along the way and the diary is overly long, you may delete only the erroneous output from the diary before printing. All of your commands must be included in your diary to receive credit.
  • If you created any Matlab functions or scripts, print those out and turn them in with your diary.
  • I recommend that you work with other students to understand how to do each Matlab assignment. While you may discuss specific details regarding these problems, you must turn in results from your own Matlab session.

Homework 1 (due Jan 25)

Do the following sections of the MATLAB Onramp:

  • 1 Course Overview
  • 2 Commands
  • 3 Vectors and Matrices
  • 5 Indexing into and Modifying Arrays
  • 8 Obtaining Help

This requires free registration, but runs in the web browser.

For credit on this assignment, turn in a sheet of paper with the signed statement, “On my honor, I have completed all of the assigned sections from the MATLAB Onramp.”

Additionally, although not required for this assignment, I also recommend that you work through the following sections:

  • 4 Importing Data
  • 6 Array Calculations
  • 7 Calling Functions
  • 9 Plotting Data

Homework 9 (due Apr 5):

Homework 12 (due May 3):