On this page I will post source code, command histories, and output from in-class computing demonstrations.

Matlab / Python demonstrations:

  • January 29:

    Matrix-vector product demo codes: matvec.tgz

    Matrix-matrix product demo codes: matmat.tgz

  • February 7:

    Cholesky decomposition demo codes: cholesky.tgz

  • February 12:

    Sparse Cholesky decomposition demo codes: sp_chol.tgz

  • February 14:

    Sparse LU decomposition demo codes: sp_lu.tgz

  • March 19:

    Floating-point arithmetic in Gaussian Elimination and LU factorization: GE_roundoff.tgz

  • March 28:

    QR factorization example using Householder reflectors: qr.tgz